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Avalanche, an inspiring landscape located 25kms from Ooty came into existence in 1823 as a result of huge landslide. The place in itself is a personification of attraction, rewarding the visitors with a visual feast. Avalanche Lake, sanctuary, and Emerald dam are the prominent tourist spots in Ooty that make the place so riveting. Ooty Tours brings in a package of one day Ooty Avalanche tour for a captivating and enigmatic travel experience.

Nestled amidst the elegant lush green landscape, Avalanche Lake in Ooty is a perfect spot for camping, trekking and trout fishing. The most-visited travel hotspot gives you jaw-dropping views of 2700 species of blooming flowering plants.

The serenity of the place is breath-taking as it boasts of the marvelous Shola forests, the gurgling rivers, spectacular mountain ranges, plantations and renowned Avalanche Lake. The densely populated forest has trees like Pygeum gardneri, Itex deticula, Syzium spp, and Rhododendron and is also a habitat for more than 60 species of birds.

Avalanche also accommodates a power generation unit, the Kundah Power House. The thick Shola forests are infested with wild animals like Sambhar deer, Tiger, Nilgiri Thar, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Leopard, Nilgiri Langoor and Gaur. The forests have thick concentration of mosses and are covered with more than 160 species of ferns. It is a home to endemic flora and fauna with consists of continuous canopy of trees that are coated with mosses, climbers, lichens and orchids.



Avalanche is an authentic place to gaze at nature’s beauty encompassing of majestic valleys, lush green grasslands, thick forests and the backwaters of the Avalanche and Emerald Dams. It proves to be a perfect trekking destination for trek enthusiasts.

Another interesting place to be hankered is the Avalanche Valley a beautiful Valley known for its plethora of birds. An ecstasy for bird lovers, watching an array of birds including the Nilgiri Pipit will allure the birdwatchers in abundance.

Strolling through the tall Eucalyptus and Pine trees is going to be a delightful experience. We have strived to make your visit to this gorgeous landscape a memorable trip.

The stunning peaks of the picturesque landscape showcase the aura of serenity. The evergreen grasslands coated with wildflowers, the misty clouds, the verdant woods make it an idyllic travel destination.

Hangout into the immense beauty of Avalanche exploring the meticulous beauty of Avalanche Lake, the tribal Toda Village, evergreen tea plantations, Emerald Dam and the vegetable land. The trip attracts travellers of all age groups alike with its panoramic views and is truly a photographer’s paradise.



Emerald Dam, A short diversion to Emerald dam is welcomed with beautiful pine trees and farms. Emerald Dam along with Avalanche Dam is the major source of water supply to the Kundah Hydro Power stations.

The pristine Emerald lake located in the upper highland region of Nilgiri Hills is another charming spot for activities like trekking, fishing and mountain biking. It is notable for a varied species of fishes and birds.

Discover the majestic charisma of the place amidst the chirping of the birds and have a tryst with nature as you watch the dazzling sunset and sunrise. Every corner inspires you to arrest its panoramic vista in your camera especially if you are a passionate photographer.


The Toda Village as the next destination that gives a deeper insight into the lifestyle and culture of the Toda tribes. The pastoral tribal community coexisted with other tribal communities of Koda, Badaga, Irulas, and Kurumbas.The ancient and unique tribes of the Nilgiri Hills have their own language, customs, and tradition. They survive by grazing buffaloes and indulge in dairy farming.

Witness the distinctive homes of the Todas which are built in the shape of half-barrels with small doorways to protect themselves from wild animals. Built with bamboo, the houses are tinted with Toda art form. They drape themselves with an idiosyncratic single piece of cloth known as put-kuli.

The homespun cotton shawls are decorated with red and black embroidery which are worn by both men and women. Known for their typical jewelry the Toda tribes, are mostly vegetarians and live majorly on dairy products. Toda land is now a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and their territory is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Head off to the sprawling tea plantations to explore the vast tea plantations that radiate the beauty of nature in abundance. Dive through the trails among the tea bushes for an engrossing experience of rejuvenating ambiance, the plantations have in store for you.


The tea gardens that span across thousands of acres of land proves to be an ultimate visual retreat for visitors. It is the salubrious climate and the high altitudes of the Nilgiris that supports the growth of a large variety of tea the most popular among them being the Black tea and Oolong.



Take part in an exciting trip to the Vegetable land, another charming opulence covered under this one day Ooty tour to have a tryst with nature. Travellers enjoy the solitude and tranquillity of the place as they witness Nature’s thriving grandeur.


Get drenched with the lush green vegetation of Avalanche as you stroll and grab a glimpse of the fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and dairy products. As you head back from this amazing vacation spot you will be carrying the remarkable memories of the spectacular verdant vegetation.

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